Looking for legitimate paid survey sites.Then this website is for you.These legitimate survey sites are among the webs very best panels for you to make the extra money that you are seeking and i also have taken the liberty of uploading a video explaining how to qualify for more online surveys as well as some other valuable resources and money making options also.

List Of Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

Legitimate paid surveys can sometimes be hard to find online.Can be very challenging.Some of the best and highest paying online surveys are on this site below.You want be disappointed.You don’t have to be waisting anymore valuable time searching endless and uselss websites trying to find what you need.This sites has a lot of valuable resources and legitimate paid surveys.These survey panels pay extremely well.

Even the best paid online survey sites sometimes aren’t enough.We have to think passed outside the box and try new things and different methods of earning money online.Besides online surveys i also added some paid webtesting sites on the next page as well.So browse and take advantage.

Sendearnings is a a very good survey site.This online survey site pays extremely well and in a variety of ways.Not only do they have the option to make money taking surveys.They also have a very good referal program,paid games,paid trial offers,paid searches,emails etc.This site will pay you for each person you refer and unlike other panels.They pay promptly.This is one of the best online survey sites.They have been around a while and has a good reputation as well.Online surveys that pay.

Pay Method:Check,Virtual Visa
Pay Rate:.50-1.00 per survey
Pay System:Weekly

Earningstation Is a very fair site.They pay extremely well and pay quickly.Earningstation also pay in a lot of different ways.Virtual Visa,Paypal,and Giftcards.This is one of the best paid online websites.They pay for taking surveys,playing games,watching videos etc.When it comes to paid online survey sites.This is one of the best and legit survey sites on the internet.They also pay double from time to time fro rferals and surveys that you take.One of the legitimate paid surveys sites.

Pay Method:Paypal,Giftcards,Virtual Giftcards
Pay Rate:1.00-9.00 Per Survey
Pay System:Paypal within 1 day,Virtual 1 to 7 days

Prizerebel:Is by far the best survey site on the interenet.Bar none.When it comes to paid survey sites.I like them above all others.This is one of the most trusted and ligitimate paid surveys sites.Prizerebel is a unique survey panel.They pay in a variety of ways and a lot of ways to make money online.This Paid online survey site holds its own.You will really like this site.With each payout you go to another level.If you go to another level then you will get bonuses and better survey invites.

Pay Method:Pay Pal,Bitcoin,Virtual Giftcards
Pay Rate:1.00-5.00 Per Survey
Pay System-Instantly

Clixsense:Good surveys.A lot of surveys and money making options.When it comes to online surveys.I like this panel as well as they have some very good paying surveys and the threshold is very low and you can withdraw cah fast.This is one of the best paying survey sites.They have a very interesting game called the grid game and they are a very legit online survey site that has also recently added Paypal as one of their Payment methods.Legitimate online paid survey sites.

Pay Method:Paypal,Check,Payza
Pay Rate:1.00-4.50 Per Survey
Pay System:5 Days

Vindale:When it comes to paid survey sites.This survey site has to be considered one of the best.This panel have a lot of surveys daily and they pey well.You can earn cash for watching videos,invites,clinical trials etc.They are one of the best paid survey sites.They have one of the best referal programs and they also have paid videos as well.If you would do an online survey review you would get a good review on this survey panel when it come to legitimate paid survey sites.

Pay Method:Check,Paypal
Pay Rate:1.00 to 3.00 Per Survey
Pay System:1 Day Paypal